The Genesis Experience, Explained: A new kind of Luxury Ownership

The Genesis Experience, Explained: A new kind of Luxury Ownership

It's a common perception that the ownership of a luxury car conveys a certain status upon it's owner. It's a bit of an aspirational goal, and exclusivity drives demand. Dominated by the Germans, the luxury market has not admitted a newcomer to the club since Lexus entered the arena more than 25 years ago. Now, out of nowhere, the South Korean automaker is upsetting the status quo with it's own luxury automobile, the Genesis.

Obviously, a legitimate entrant into the luxury market needs to be outstanding. There is no question here. The Genesis, now available in Richmond, is not only a luxury automobile, it's a whole new car buying experience.

First, nobody is expecting you to drop by the dealership to browse available models. Genesis Richmond comes to you, to your home or office for a personal product demonstration. Taking the pressure out of the car buying experience, the company encourages you to browse their online sales platform where you can configure your car, obtain a price for your trade-in and order your new vehicle for home delivery, all for one guaranteed price.

Not only does the company come to you at the start of the buying process, it continues to come to you. When you schedule a service appointment for scheduled maintenance or work covered by the manufacturer's warranty, your vehicle is picked up from your location of choice, and returned afterwards. While your vehicle is away for servicing, a courtesy vehicle is left with you, to minimize your inconvenience.

As part of the Genesis worry-free experience, all scheduled vehicle maintenance is complimentary during the first five years or 100,000 kilometres, whichever comes first. All Genesis vehicle also come with a comprehensive warranty during the same five year period.

Genesis has done away with annual fees for navigational map updates. Map updates are provided annually at no charge, during the first five years of ownership, up to two times each year. Download them yourself, or have the dealership do it for you while your vehicle is in for maintenance.

You'll also enjoy premium roadside assistance for your Genesis. Your Genesis vehicle will be loaded onto a flatbed truck, and whisked away to the nearest Genesis facility.

Delivering a first-class experience, and impressive performance, the current line up of Genesis luxury automobiles are exquisite. High performance and engaging to drive. Interiors that ensure exceptional comfort for all occupants and are filled with high end material finishes. Technology covers every detail in this compact luxury sports sedan, supported by the Genesis Smart Sense sweeping suite of active driver assistance features.

As you can clearly see, the Genesis experience is something special. From purchase to maintenance, special touches and appreciation of your own time, Genesis delivers on a new kind of luxury ownership. Visit your Genesis Richmond showroom to be part of this special experience, or browse their online sales platform and request that a Genesis 70, 80 or 90 be brought to your home for a closer look.